Just dined in here and this time it was a great experience. The host was awesome. Such a nice guy that it caught me off guard! We tried out the Korean BBQ. It was a great value. The food was fresh and we all had more than we could eat. They currently are running a special as well if you dine in. We got 40% off our tab! They also have 50% for sushi rolls. This is all for select days. If you eat here I recommend dining in. They also have a bar if you want to hang out.

Ronnie Esquivel

Ive been here a few times. Considerably fresh and delicious sushi/sashimi. The sauces, while not genetic, have a familiar yet home made flavor. Service is always on point. I'll be coming back...again

Jeff Diaz

Amazing Korean BBQ experience. Great price. Top notch customer service

pamela mena

5 of us had Korean Barbecue tonight. Great selection of food with a very helpful server. Highly recommend

Ken E

Tons of variety, tons of specials for food and drink. Very good prices, and the food is definitely better than the prices. Also great prices on cocktails so if you want to get a very cost effective buzz on this is a solid option.

Andrew Taylor

Enjoyed service and food was very good. Not much experience with this type of food but customer service was excellent!

Deborah Aubin

So much food. Great flavor. The chefs and staff go above and beyond. Skip the beer and get a martini

Samuel Howard

So much fun! Food was fresh, very tasty and dinner show from Chef was especially entertaining...very kid friendly.

Ken Bennett